Vietnamese Silver Leaf


12 Regular Seeds Per Pack

Breeder: J.James

Lineage: Asian Landrace

THC Content: High
Yield: Medium
Flowering Time: 12 – 14 weeks
Medicinal Properties: Yes
Taste / Flavor: Citrus, Aerosol, Funk

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The flavor is like a sweet weed with a wonderful citrus note that is void of grapefruit. But it is not lemon. It’s like 5 alive grapefruit removed.
And an exotic spice lingers in there…but very complementary.
The stone also evolved at 100 days. Once those ambers show up hard on the buds that wicked acid high onset and jackrabbit heartbeat is gone.
But it is a serious motor mouth, never shut up weed.
It is a most fantastic cerebral, euphoric stone. No overthinking but a lot of thinking…and figuring stuff out and happy. And the best part.
It IS no ceiling. I tested it. Higher and Higher. Then it gets trippy.
Some strains are a wonderful joyous surprise. This is one of them.

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